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Living Death™

It is 1897 and in the world of Gothic Earth  the forces of evil seem to gather strength as the turn of the century nears. The Society of the White Rose battles to hold back the tide of darkness and to protect the innocents of the world

Horror and intrigue in a dark past await the unwary! You are entering a land where horror and adventure rule, where a malignant evil being called the Red Death corrupts all that it can in the world. Only brave heroes can stand against this overwhelming evil. Do you dare join them?

Enter at your own risk!

The RPGA's Living Death campaign is a D&D campaign, using the Living Death Campaign Sourcebook (a d20 adaptation of Masque of the Red Death™) and is set in Gothic Earth of the 1890s. To play, you need only your courage, your curiosity, the D&D version 3.5 Players Handbook, and the rules you can download from this website.

Check Campaign Update Page for rulings and list of Player Reward Cards useable in the campaign.

Character Sheets LD Hero sheet in .pdf format (2 files)

.rtf (Rich Text) file of the Living Death Hero Sheet

Campaign Update Conversion rules for use with the Campaign Sourcebook based on D&D version 3.5 rules (October 2003)

download pdf (512 bytes) Download the Living Death Campaign Sourcebook D&D 3.5 here!

Download PDF! (512 bytes) Download the 3rd Edition Living Death Judge Guidelines here!


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